Staff Bio

Thomas Boettjer

Grade/Focus: Gym

How long have you been at Cleveland Elementary? I have been at Cleveland for 16 yrs this year.

What do you love most about teaching?  I like to see the surprise and smiles on the faces of my students when they accomplish something that they didn’t think they could do.

What is your favorite thing about Cleveland Elementary?  The whole school community.

If you weren’t a teacher, what other profession would you enjoy?  I think that I would have liked to be an auto mechanic.

Do you have any pets?  My wife and I have a dog named Clover who is a major part of our family.

What is your most favorite place you have visited? Why?  I am not one to travel but I would have to say Rome. The history was mind blowing. The hotel we stayed in was older than the country we live in.

If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?  If I were to have a superpower it would be the ability to take away emotional pain. I hate when I see children unhappy as this should be the happiest time in their lives.

How many laps did you run in the last Red Bird Hustle? How many do you think you will run in the next one?  I think I ran about 24 laps and my goal would be to run at least that many next year.

Written Spring 2023
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