Staff Bio

Rebecca Jungel

Grade/Focus: 3rd grade

How long have you been at Cleveland Elementary? This is my 9th year at Cleveland.

What do you love most about teaching? I really love watching my students grow and explore the world around them. It’s so exciting when they start asking their own questions and become inspired to research new ideas, topics, and interests! I see them start to grow into “big kids” in 3rd grade and it’s a lot of fun!

What is your favorite thing about Cleveland Elementary? The community at Cleveland can’t be beat! Almost everyone you pass, from adults to students, will say “Good Morning!” and I think it’s such a lovely way to start a day! 

If you weren’t a teacher, what other profession would you enjoy? I actually did publicity for a television show before I became a teacher! I love to write, so I enjoyed how much writing I was able to do with that job and the fast paced environment kept things pretty exciting! 🙂

Do you have any pets? I have a dog named Whiskey (included in my photo!). I happen to think he is one of the cutest and sweetest pups around!

What is your most favorite place you have visited? Why? My favorite place to visit is London, England. I studied abroad there in college and fell in love with the history and architecture of the city. They also have some beautiful parks, museums, and markets! There are a million great ways to spend a day in London! 

If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be? Hmmm…I think I would like to be able to fly! It would make getting around the city much easier and weekend trips would be a breeze! 

How many laps did you run in the last Red Bird Hustle? How many do you think you will run in the next one? For the most part I cheered from the sidelines as my students ran! I did run a few laps when students needed a pick-me-up to keep going, though! 

Written February 2022

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