Staff Bio

Maura Ardam

Grade/Focus: 2nd Grade

How long have you been at Cleveland Elementary? 24 years

What do you love most about teaching? Empowering kids to be their best and succeed in life 

What is your favorite thing about Cleveland Elementary? That I teach the kids of some of my former students:)

If you weren’t a teacher, what other profession would you enjoy? Maybe a coach or counselor 

Do you have any pets? No

What is your most favorite place you have visited? Why? Hawaii because I love the ocean and hiking through rain forests

If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be? To fly

How many laps did you run in the last Red Bird Hustle? I don’t remember, around 15.

How many do you think you will run in the next one? More than this year.

Written Fall 2022

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