Local School Council

Why were LSCs Created?


LSCs were created by The Chicago School Reform Act of 1998 with the intent of improving academic achievement, by placing the primary responsibility for school governance and improvement in the hands of parents, community residents, teachers, and the school principal at the school level. 105 ILCS 5/34-1.01.

What are the Responsibilities of an LSC?


  • Approving how school funds and resources are allocated.
  • Developing and monitoring the School Improvement Plan (Continuous Improvement Work Plan).
  • Evaluating and selecting the school’s principal.

Public Comments


We welcome input within the LSC scope, which include the Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP), budget issues, and Principal Reports. We will take the time to listen and consider, but may not comment. We ask that you keep your comments to two minutes so that we can respect the meeting timeframe.

Public Sign-In Sheet

We understand that some people may not be able to attend the meeting to share their comments or may not feel comfortable publicly speaking, therefore we have created this form allowing you to share your comments.

Public Comment Form


Should you have any questions at this time please feel free to email ClevelandLSC@gmail.com.

LSC Bylaws

Cleveland Continuous Improvement Work Plan

CPS LSC Information

The Office of Local School Council Relations provides support and technical assistance to Local School Councils (LSCs) as they carry out the responsibilities of local school governance. 

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LSC Application Form

Forms 1-22, 2-22 and 3-22


What are the requirements of LSC members?

  1. Complete and submit the set of applications (forms 1-22, 2-22 and 3-22) to the school in which you are seeking candidacy or The Office of Local School Council Relations.
  2. Complete required training within 6 months of taking office
  3. File an Annual Statement of Economic Interests
  4. Complete a Criminal Conviction Disclosure Form
  5. Undergo a fingerprint-based criminal conviction investigation

Forms are available online at LSC Elections or your school.




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