Welcome, Alumni

Dear Alumni,
We are excited to see that among our alumni are thousands of men and women who are making important contributions to society in the areas of health services, business, communications, education, and many other fields. Our goal is to establish and maintain closer ties with our graduates by involving them in the life of the school. 
This year we celebrate one very important milestones for alumni-the 100th birthday of Cleveland School. If you stop and think for a minute, it’s amazing to think of the sheer number of Cleveland alumni across the state and nation that once started their educational pursuits in our building.  These alumni represent all that is good about Cleveland as they work and serve their communities.
One of the best things about being an administrator is meeting the successful graduates of our school. Throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond, I meet individuals who are teachers, nurses, lawyers, doctors, managers, accountants, photographers, actors,  and representatives of many other occupations who received an elementary diploma from Cleveland.  Regardless of when they left the school with a diploma in hand, each of them has a story to tell about their experiences here and their success as a result of those experiences. In carrying out job and civic responsibilities, alumni draw on what they learned early in their primary education. 
I’d like to thank every single one of you who has kept us in mind.  This is your school and it will always be your school.  Feel free to give us a call or schedule a date for a tour.  In the past many alumni have taken advantage of the school tour.  It’s rewarding to hear many of the fond memories.!
Debora Ward, Principal
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